Series 8 Micro Headset Microphone

With unbreakable boom arms, water, sweat and makeup proof  elements and interchangeable X-connectors, the Series 8 micro headset microphone from Point Source Audio (PSA) is the perfect solution for radio and TV presenters, stage performers, broadcasters and houses of worship.

512 Audio Limelight Microphone

For content creators

Level up your content creation game >>> With a modern design inside and out, Limelight delivers exceptional clarity for podcasts, broadcasts and livestreams. Limelight is a dynamic studio microphone custom-tuned for voice and speech. Featuring a hyper-focused pickup pattern, built-in pop shield, and low frequency filter, Limelight captures the nuance in your voice and cuts out unwanted noise. Bring the clear, natural audio of the broadcast studio to your home setup.


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